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Terms and Conditions

    1 General is a community which enables users to access the community on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions (GTC). In addition to the relationship between the user and self regulate this also dealing and the relationship between the users.

    2 Registration

    2.1 This can be used, it is necessary to register with a valid email address. Registration is free. It can register at Every 16th, the Has reached the age. All other persons are prohibited the registration and use of
    2.2 Each user may only register once with the community and assured with his registration, he is not a member of the community.
    2.3 can register via a form in which the information of the users of its data has to be fully and properly, if the information is not marked as optional. It is explicitly forbidden to register an account with foreign or otherwise misstatement.
    2.4 The registration of the user is not complete until the user of the the required to register sent activation email confirming their registration and information on the link sent. Once registered, the user has the option to use the community pages completely. This requires only the login for which the input of the stored email address and the chosen password is necessary.
    2.5 Should the registration be completed by the user, the account will be notified within 48 hours.
    2.6 For the user is not entitled to entering into a contract of the community. reserves the right to reject an application without giving any reason. In such a case, the registration data provided to to be deleted immediately.
    2.7 Since an identification of individuals on the internet is possible only to a limited ensure no liability for the actual identity of a user.

    3 Unsubscribe

    If the user wishes to leave the community and not longer use, then the use of contracts may be terminated at any time without regard to deadlines and giving reasons. The user can "delete account" in the "Account" on the menu item "Account data" and the associated button at any time unsubscribe from the community. To enable a new account activation and punish any violations or misconduct of the user to be able to reserves storing the user data for up to 30 days after deletion of the user. The data are from moderate.

    4 Contract

    4.1 provides the user with different applications.
    These are:
    First The provision of accounts and the possibility of setting different data and content, such as text, images and graphics, which can be visible to all users (or selected).
    Second Providing functions for communication with third parties, such as allocation of votes and comments, send messages or friend invitations.
    4.2 The right to use the community and the bundled applications only within the scope of the current state of technology. In this context, it may be necessary to restrict services within the network temporarily - for example in terms of capacity, but the security of the network, the integrity of the server or to the implementation of technical measures in the interest of the proper performance of the services.
    4.3 is a community on which you can post pictures, text, videos, recommendations or offers. Create an account you can simply use a pin post on the wall and share it with other users. Content, but not involved in the communication between users.
    4.4 third-party content (banner ads) on are always with "advertisement" or "advertising" is declared. If in connection with these third-party content offered a contract and it is selfsame to a close, so this is concluded exclusively with the designated each as a responsible provider and not with

    5 Duties

    To ensure the smooth running of the functionalities of the community, it is necessary that certain rules are observed by the user:

    5.1. The password required to log belongs only to the user and may be sent to any third party. The user is obliged immediately put to inform them if you suspect that someone else knows the password of an account or has abused an account.
    5.2. The user is obliged to keep his made-to-date information and to correct any changes in the settings of his account.
    5.3. The user is responsible for his published images, graphics, text, videos, offers and links. The users themselves thus ensuring the legality of this content and assured that this is not contrary to law or infringe any third party rights.
    5.4. content that is unlawful, have violated the rights of others or morality prohibited.
    5.5. Each user has the possibility to upload pins and these rights themselves. This allows each user to their images for himself, only for friends, but for the entire community, or make the world visible.
    5.6. The user has before the upload of its pins to ensure that the exclusive rights to use the images, text and videos are the users themselves and the image or images, texts and videos do not violate statutory provisions, the rights of others morality.
    5.7. The user is prohibited from image and video files to upload which include portrayals of violence. May continue the uploaded image and video files do not contain sexual, discriminatory, offensive, racist, defamatory or otherwise illegal content or representations.
    5.8. After you upload a file, it can be removed at any time by the user.
    5.9. Use of may be used by the user for private purposes.
    5.10. Each businesslike, commercial or otherwise commercial exploitation of is prohibited. The pinning of current special offers or similar is not included here and can be shared with others as a pin.
    5.11. The statements made by accessible content of individual users may not, without the consent of their respective owners copied, distributed or otherwise made publicly available.
    5.12. Disturbing interventions in the community are prohibited. Thus, it is explicitly forbidden to take steps that may lead to an excessive burden on the community or to an undue harassment of other users.
    5.13. type of electronic attacks on the network, or an individual user, are prohibited. These include: hacking attempts, spreading viruses, worms or Trojan horses, spam messages.

    6 Penalties and other consequences for non-compliance by user

    6.1 Compliance with Conditions - especially those declared under 5 "obligations" - is for the functioning of the community is very important. Therefore any violation by users and any concrete indication that a user has violated legal provisions, third party rights, morality, or the Acceptable Use Policy, and is punishable by penalties.
    6.2 The legitimate interests of the user, as well as a seemingly undeserved misconduct or culpable violation of be examined and considered in the imposition of the penalty. For this purpose are the following penalties are:
    - Warning of a user,
    - Partial or total deletion of content a user from the community,
    - Ein-/Beschränkung in the use of applications in the community,
    - Temporary suspension of a user to,
    - Final Blocking a user on the community, ie extraordinary termination of the license agreement, if there is good cause, and that therefore a continuation of the contract with the user for unreasonable.
    6.3 When you lock a user is prohibited from any use of this community is strictly prohibited. Further, it is the user banned back in to the community to sign up.

    7 Indemnification by the user

    7.1 The user releases from all claims by third parties against have according to an infringement of their rights set by the user within the community through its content or other use of the community about the applications available.
    7.2 The resulting costs of necessary legal defenses which injuries of third parties by the user (as described in Section 7.1) to a third party, the User shall bear the costs themselves also include court and legal costs at the statutory rate. The user is obliged to in the event of third party claims promptly, truthfully and completely communicate all information at its disposal, which are to verify the claims and defenses required.
    7.3 In addition, claims for damages of to the user unaffected.
    7.4 This User's obligations do not apply insofar as the user is not responsible for the infringement.

    8 Limited liability of has no obligation to monitor the information provided by the users and stored information or to investigate illegal activities. If knowledge of an unlawful act by a user or an unlawful information within the community gain, the information shall be immediately removed by and access the corresponding user locked.

    9th Future changes and Final Provisions

    9.1 reserves the right to change the provisions of these Terms at any time without giving any reason in accordance with the hereinafter described in section 9.1.1 to 9.1.3 including prerequisites.
    9.1.1 exception of the power of amendment is any change in the description of the subject matter under Section 4 of the Terms. Any changes to the promised performance is displayed to the user immediately by and offered a continuation of the contractual relationship. That pursuant to Clause 3 is entitled at any time terminate the user's right remains unaffected.
    9.1.2 Other revised provisions, which are not recorded in 9.1.1 will be sent to the user via e-mail before taking effect. Will not change the Terms of objection within six weeks of receiving the email, the amended terms shall be deemed accepted. committed to the users compared to the importance of the six-week period noted.
    9.1.3 is contradicted by the user within the specified under paragraph 9.1.2 six-week period of validity of the new Terms and remains authorized, with properly the contractual relationship with the user a period of fourteen days to cancel.
    9.2 At the present GTC and the contractual relationship between the user and Exclusively the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. This choice applies to consumers but only insofar as the granted protection afforded by mandatory provisions of law of the State in which the consumer has his habitual residence.


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